Buying An Ecosphere

Buying an Ecosphere

You have to be extremely careful when buying an Ecosphere, as you already have found out they are an ecosystem, so if you take away any of the life supporting elements it will die.  When you buy your Ecosphere you must make sure that it is being shipped overnight and delivered the following day, you must also make sure there is someone to take delivery.

The Ecosphere you are buying cannot spend any longer than 24hrs in darkness or the shrimp will die thus leaving you with a ball of water, sand and a twig, sorry to be blunt but that is what you will end up with.

Please make sure you purchase an Ecosphere from the country you are residing in, if you are buying for someone else and are getting it delivered to them please make sure they will be available to take delivery, you can order from another country using Amazon as they are generally shipped from the supplier directly to the customer and you have the added peace of mind of the Amazon guarantee.

Vivid Simulations supply Ecospheres in a number of countries through our Amazon partnership please see below for some of the countries we deliver to, you can rest assured that whichever country throughout the world you live in you will automatically be directed to the relevant Amazon site thus making your purhcase safe and secure.


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If you wish to buy an Ecosphere please visit types of Ecosphere above or click here

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