What is an Ecosphere

EcoSpheres are total self-sustained mini worlds framed in glass. They are the world’s very first totally confined ecosystem. The Ecosphere is a working ecological system and its biological cycle represents an easy version of Earth’s own environment. While gorgeous to look at, it shows the delicate balance of an ecosystem simply like our own. To complete the system: life; the shrimp, the algae and the bacteria.

How were EcoSpheres discovered?

Ecosphere GlobeThey were first designed to see if they could assist NASA’s research on human life assistance systems directed to the building of space stations for exploration of the solar system. If the EcoSpheres represent our world on a small scale, the shrimp might represent the human race. We can find out through EcoSpheres the importance of preserving the delicate balance within our environment.


Type Of EcosphereSmallMediumLarge
Round BlueN/AN/AN/A
Oval BlueN/AN/AN/A

Exactly what is inside each EcoSphere?

Each EcoSphere consists of little shrimps, filtered seawater, algae, gorgonian (a branch) and gravel which are all part of the working closed environment. The gorgonian is a non-living material and is hand cut for each specific EcoSphere. No 2 EcoSpheres are alike, making them really unique gifts.

Taking care of your EcoSpheres.

Because the EcoSphere is a self-sufficient ecosystem, you never ever need to feed the life within. You merely supply your EcoSphere with a soEcosphere Oval 170urce of indirect natural or artificial light and enjoy this visual mix of art and science, appeal and balance.

As the living organisms within the EcoSphere utilise their resources without overpopulating or polluting their environment, the EcoSphere needs practically no maintenance.

EcoSpheres have an average life span of 2 to 3 years. However, it is not unusual for shrimp populations to be prospering in systems as old as 7 years.

These smart inventions have gone from the test tube idea to a multinational business, they are sold to individuals as living ornaments, schools and universities are buying them for education purposes and businesses such as doctors, dentists and chripractors are using them as focal points for their clients, why not join the growing millions of people round the world and become an owner of one of these extraordinary ornaments.

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